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News – Just Released: Collectors “Special Edition” Nostradamus e-Book

Nostradamus 2012 Predictions eBook - cover

We’ve just released a Collectors “Special Edition” of our popular Nostradamus 2012 Predictions eBook.

The Special Edition is rendered in Calligraphy  and set against a stunning background of antique parchment, making it perfect as a collectable or gift item.

 The new, enhanced and re-designed eBook contains over 220+ pages and includes all of Nostradamus’s Quatrains, plus his letters to his son and the King.

Please read more about it HERE or click on the image in the purchase box below to view a pop-up images slideshow…..


Nostradamus 2012 Predictions eBook - BUY NOW
Nostradamus 2012 Predictions eBook: Learn what Nostradamus predicted for 2012. In this beautifully presented and highly collectable "Collectors Special Edition" e-book publication the prophecies of Nostradamus are rendered in calligraphy & displayed on a backdrop of antique parchment. Over 220+ pages & great value.
Price: $37.00
Price: $20.12