Sales Policy – Terms and Conditions

Sales Policy ~ Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 19th July 2011

NOTE: The following information only applies to our own / exclusive products and or services sold on this website.

Goods or services provided by other 3rd party businesses or vendors (such as Amazon, etc) are NOT covered in this agreement and will be subject to the 3rd party vendor or manufacturers own particular policies and conditions. You should refer to the 3rd party vendor website for details on their specific sales policies and conditions.

Please be aware that whilst we absolutely strive for 100% customer satisfaction and service excellence, unfortunately we also have to ensure that we have safeguards in place against scammers, criminals, money-launderers and others who might abuse our online services.  Due to the unique nature of digital goods, and the propensity for some unethical people to scam online businesses, unfortunately we have no option but to adopt a strict no-returns policy for all our digital goods;

We strive to give our customers good service, quality and satisfaction, and we feel this policy is fair to all concerned.

Digital Goods:

Due to the nature of Digital goods and the fact that there is no way of  “returning” them, or for determining / monitoring whether they are in fact still retained and still being used, ALL digital goods  are therefore  non-returnable & non-refundable. We advise that customers should be certain that a particular digital product will suit their specific needs before purchasing any digital goods.

If one of our digital products was for some reason proven to be faulty, then of course we will replace the item concerned immediately, no questions asked.

In addition, if the digital product is upgraded or enhanced etc within 30 days of your purchase, then we will send you a copy (or a new download link, whichever applies) of the newly upgraded or enhanced product AT NO EXPENSE  (this does not apply to eg: software which might have a 12 month license or longer – in that case you would receive free upgrades for the entire period of your license). Often we will do this without our customers even having to request it (or even being aware of the new or enhanced version, in some cases  🙂 …), but if for any reason we should happen to overlook or miss an upgrade delivery then please contact us immediately & we will attend to it as soon as possible  (you will need to provide us with all the relevant details and proof of your earlier purchase, including the transaction number & payment details).

In short, we try to treat our customers fairly and as we ourselves would like to be treated.

For Non-Digital goods:

(Note: We currently do not stock any non-digital goods, so this part is only included for possible future reference / use)

You may cancel a non-digital goods order within 24 hours of ordering. If more than 24 hours has passed you may face a re-stocking fee, however please email us immediately and we will asses the situation – if for some reason we haven’t already processed your order then we would be happy to simply cancel the order.

You can return new, unopened non-digital items from a cancelled order within 7 days following delivery, providing they have not been used or damaged in any way. Non-Digital items should be returned in their original packaging, and all return shipping costs must be paid by the returnee.

A re-stocking fee of 10 percent or USD $10.00 (whichever is higher) applies to all non-digital returned goods unless otherwise specified.

If a non-digital item is not normally a stock item, and or was ordered-in specifically for you, it may not be returned or refunded under any circumstances (unless the non-digital item concerned was faulty – in which case the non-digital item should be returned to the manufacturer. If website is the manufacturer of the faulty non-digital goods, and the non-digital goods are proven to be faulty, then we will replace them IMMEDIATELY).

Got Questions?

If you have any questions regarding this policy or our (own / exclusive products then you can contact us via our contact form or email us: support [@] Nostradamus-2012-Predictions [dot] com