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Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John

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The Prophecy Answer Book

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Studies in Prophecy

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Satan’s Hoax: End-Times Prophecies Through the Eyes of a Modern-Day Paul

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Prophecy & The Last Pope: – Saint Malachy, Nostradamus, the Antichrist, and End Times

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Nostradamus Book Review – The Man Who Saw Through Time

Vesuvius-in-eruption by J.M.W Turner

There is an interesting book about Nostradamus’s prophecies written in 1941 by Lee McCann, called  “The Man Who Saw Through Time”. In the book, after studying the quatrains of Nostradamus, McCann concludes that France will be liberated in 1944……

Lee also says “Several verses indicate that the stabilization of Europe, and the fullness of a new king’s power will not come until 1952-3.” – which also correlates with the eventual historical facts (however Britain had a new Queen rather than King – Elizabeth 2).

This is a fascinating book, written at a time when the future outcome of the Second World War was still unknown and was yet to be played out. Hitler - Nostradamus Prophecies Hitler was still in power and Britain was being besieged by bombs, America still hadn’t joined Britain and the Allies in the War, and it might well have seemed to many at the time that Britain might not win.

The comments you see written before, during and after the Nostradamus passages (and which are written in italic text), are by McCann.

Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Through Time - by Lee McCann

Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Through Time - by Lee McCann


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(CHAPTER THREE – In the Twentieth Century – By Lee McCann)

As THIS LAST CHAPTER IS BEING assembled with the horrid word “deadline”–Oh, anathema to writers!–ringing in the author’s ears, one portion of her attention is on the radio, one on the newspaper, and the rest on the ancient quatrains, written so long ago, and yet so full of meaning for those who live in the present day. Today’s news is in the prophecies of the Centuries. Russia and England are now fighting on the same side, while war rages in the Orient, just as Nostradamus predicted. Before this book is off the presses, more striking predictions may have seen fulfillment. And perhaps there will be verses, omitted here because their meaning was not yet clear, which will have become clear through the rapid onrush of events. It is difficult to indicate chronological sequence in events of the future, and any interpreter’s confusion on this point in unavoidable. Nostradamus may have juggled order to further mask identification and meaning. Also many of the quatrains had to be omitted for lack of space. Those most pertinent to our time, and to the development of the future, are given first consideration here.

The final chapter of the historic cycle of the Nostradamus predictions is naturally the most exciting to us who live in the midst of its predicted alarms and tragic drama and can foresee, in part, some of the fearsome days of the future. Nostradamus has given in the course of the Centuries many dates, both actual years and astronomically stated times. He has not given, directly, the date for the emergence of France from her yoke of bondage. But in the opinion of this author he has given it in the number of his verses, one of the cryptic methods which he enjoyed using for his half-concealments. The final edition of his work contained ten Centuries which by right should have totaled a thousand quatrains. There were but nine hundred and forty-four. If one takes these two facts as giving the elements of a historic date, and adds them, the date is 1944.”

.….Several verses indicate that the stabilization of Europe, and the fullness of a new king’s power will not come until 1952-3.”




Germany will give birth to divers creeds

Strongly resembling a happy paganism.

But the heart will be prisoner and there will be little profit.

The people will return to their payment of the true tithe.



Even the heavens will lament when the Androgyne is born.

Near to those same heavens human blood shall be shed.

Through death too late will a great people be renewed (the French).

Late though early the expected succor will come.


The bi-sexual interests of Hitler have been frequently commented on in the press. Late and early refers to the long interval elapsing between the fall of the monarchy and this modern restoration, which will begin early in the great struggle (1944).



From the Aryan height there shall arise one who is both elevated and obscure.

His evil will affect the country at the junction of the Saone and the Rhone (Lyons).

On the Day of Saint Lucia (December 13) his soldiers will be hidden in the woods

Of him who has the most horrible throne ever known.



In life, destiny and death he will be a base, unworthy man of gold,

But he will not be the new elector of Saxony.

From Brunswick will come the token of affection,

The hypocritical seducer will pose as the restorer of the peoples’ rights.


Hitler will not be a second Martin Luther, nor the patron of Luther, the Elector of Saxony. His “reform” movement will not be lasting.



Under the holy pretense of giving freedom from servitude

He will himself usurp the power of the people and the city.

He will be able to do his worst because of the falsity of the young prostitute (French Republic).

The treacherous, pre-eminent one will read his book to the country.


Probably no one will need to have it pointed out that the dramatis personae of this verse are Hitler, France and Mein Kampf.



Stained with murder and enormous adulteries,

The great enemy of the entire human race,

Who will be worse than his forefathers, his uncles and his fathers

Will be, in fire, battle and revolution, bloody and inhuman.


This sounds like what a large part of the world thinks of Adolf Hitler today, and recalls to the frivolous, “his sisters and his cousins and his aunts etc.”



Under the protective coloration of seven revolutionaries,

Divers experimenters will sow their seed.

Pits and fountains will run with poison,

These human devourers will be inspired by the power of Italy.


It has been noted that Hitler, who was inspired by Mussolini’s success, has consistently surrounded himself with seven leaders who carry out his orders and develop his ideas. Whether this is happenstance or related to some of his ideas on occultism is not known, but the number seven has some association with the occult in the minds of many and its legends are very ancient.



Nine years the vegetarian will hold his power in peace

Then he will meet downfall in a thirst so bloody

That on account of him a great people without faith or legality

Will be destroyed by one who is more easy-going.


1933 + 9 = 1942 unless the time should be counted from Hitler’s rise in 1932.

(PS:  Hitler was a vegetarian – regards, Admin)



The besieged peoples will strain at their agreements

A week after they are faced with the cruel issue.

Blood will flow in their repulse. Seven will get the axe

When the government which wove the fabric of the peace is itself a captive.


This very well describes conditions after the fall of France. The author does not know the exact number of members of the former government now dead or imprisoned at Rion; but it is close on seven. France, through Clemenceau, was responsible for the peace of Versailles.



The crossed brother maddened by lust

Will kill Bellerophon because of Praytus.

The enraged woman whose fleet has sailed for a thou-sound years

Will drink bitter brew, thereafter both shall perish.


This verse is as puzzling as it is intriguing. The Bellerophon was the ship that took Napoleon to Saint Helena. Here it is a symbol of England. Classically, Bellerophon was a hero who retired after involuntarily causing the death of Praytus, his friend and hunting companion, while both were guests in the house of Praytus’ father-in-law. The meaning could be that England allied with a government of France, the Republic (which is not the true son of France but an in-law), while both are guests of France, will meet tragedy; that England (at Dunquerque) will be responsible for the death of (Praytus) the French government.

Then the symbolism changes, and seems to indicate Britannia, “for a thousand years” a sea-going power from the days of William the Conqueror, will taste defeat, and thereafter both Britain and her antagonist, Germany, the crossed brother, will perish.



The efficient enemy will turn about in confusion.

The great country, sick, will be defeated by ambushes.

Spain and Western Africa will refuse to play along (with Hitler)

There will be defeat near the river where are the remains of antiquity (Tiber).


This appears to be a forecast of the eventual defeat of Italy and Germany, “the efficient enemy.”



When among the crossed ones there shall be found a man with a troubled mind,

Then in the Holy Land shall be seen the horned bull.

The home of the Virgin will be filled with swine,

No ruler will be able any more to sustain order there.


Rudolf Hess is said to have fled because his mind was troubled at the thought of occupation and war in the Holy Land which shocked his Catholicism. The horned bull is Hitler, the Taurean, who has brought the war to the Holy Land.

When the Robin Moor was sunk the New York World-Telegram carried a story from the survivors which stated that the submarine hoisted no flag, but was painted with the large device of a red bull. So that it would seem that not only the forces of Hitler, but also his actual astrological insignia are in evidence in the far places.



By reason of the fraudulent victory of the leader who shall be cut down,

The two sides will be in battle, when the cycle is closing in Germany.

The leader and his governmental offspring will be destroyed in home territory,

The monarchy and the papacy will be pursued in Rome.


This seems to mean Hitler’s destruction by his own people.

(For those younger readers who may not be aware of the facts surrounding the final days of World War 2, Germany eventually surrendered after they were surrounded on all sides by the Allied forces, in their home territory of Germany. Berlin was the last final Nazi stronghold, and Hitler insisted that all Berliners fight until the very end, resulting in unnecessary death and further destruction. Once they finally realized that defeat was inevitable, Hitler and many of his inner circle (along with their wives and children) committed suicide, as did thousands of ordinary German citizens, too. After the war had ended, former Nazis were pursued for atrocities they committed during the war, and the Roman Catholic Church & the Pope are often still condemned by many for not speaking out against the Nazis and ignoring the plight of the Jews.)



In the course of events the Great Ruler will be forsaken, and

The Inebriate, drunk not with art but with power, will be no more of this life,

He and his class having been pushed into such high power,

Pardon will be given to the race who hated Christ.”



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Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Through Time - by Lee McCann

Nostradamus: The Man Who Saw Through Time - by Lee McCann

I recommend that anyone interested in this subject get a copy of Lee McCann’s book and read it in it’s entirety (you should be able to find cheap or used copies on the net…)- it’s fascinating reading, especially when you realise that the writer has no idea of what will really happen in the future yet is still so accurate about the eventual outcome following their interpretations of the Prophecies (or should I say, Nostradamus was right on the mark! – just coincidence perhaps, or maybe not, but it’s fascinating reading none-the-less).

At the time McCann wrote the book, America still hadn’t entered the war, and Britain was bravely fighting the enormous German army and also Mussolini’s Italian army with only the support of her commonwealth allies (Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc). The final outcome wasn’t assured, and it seemed likely that Britain could lose the war (once France and other countries fell, Britain was the last European country still opposing Hitler’s Nazi Germany).

As I was compiling this article, the final sentence resonated with me personally – I’m quite sure that only last week or so (early March 2011) I heard something on the radio about some church leader  somewhere (the Pope?) saying it was time to finally forgive the Jews for the death of Christ……. I wasn’t really paying attention to it, so it could have been just a minor church leader in our local area, State or Country, or it might have been an announcement by the Pope / Catholic church –  I’m really not sure, so if anyone else heard it too, or knows anything about an official statement regarding forgiving the Jews then I’d love to hear the details.

Personally, I’ve always been puzzled why the Jews were blamed for the death of Christ, and yet the Italians have never been blamed for what their murderous ancestors – the Romans – did to Christ – I actually find it totally baffling, as do others I’ve spoken to  (….after all, it was Italian ancestors who actually crucified Christ!! – and they crucified and slaughtered many others, too…. and are thought to have slaughtered a million or more animals in the Colosseum for their sadistic blood-thirsty amusement, resulting in many animal species becoming extinct and some lands devoid of animal life – the Romans were a totally vile, evil empire and their capacity for cruelty knew no bounds. They were also as perverted as anything found in Sodom & Gomorrah, and it was quite acceptable for Roman men to have homosexual relations with young boys – so why did we not hate & persecute Italians instead?). I’m not Jewish, nor is anyone in my entire family either,  nor do I even have any Jewish friends or allegiances to Jews or Israel, either (…however I do have friends of Italian descent, so I’m not suggesting that Italians should now be persecuted, either… God forbid) but it has always stood out as being very strange how we humans can pick on one person or one race and yet be totally blind or indifferent to other wrong-doing when it suits us (….and we are still doing it to this day). My guess is that after the Romans crucified Christ & they realized that his death was not going to be forgotten, so they needed someone else to blame for it in order that they themselves would not be hated or blamed. We are now being told that Mary Madelene wasn’t a prostitute after all – so it makes me wonder just how much the Roman Church has lied just for it’s own corrupt ends (it is now thought that Mary Magdalene was deliberately painted as a prostitute because male religious leaders did not want to have a female saint – Mary Magdalene is now believed to have been the one disciple most closest to Christ).

The fact that Jesus was himself  a Jew also seems to be totally ignored by zealots & other religious fanatics  who hate Jews and yet claim to love and follow the teachings of one! (….how insane is that? That would be like negro-haters worshiping Martin Luther King! LOL – it’s just crazy).  So, if the Roman Catholic Church has actually made an announcement ‘pardoning’ the Jews, then I think it is the right thing to do, and about time (it only took them 2000 years).

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The Mammoth Book of Prophecies: The Predictions of Nostradamus and Other Prophets, Visionaries and…

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