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The Letters of Nostradamus (Second Edition)

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Nostradamus Letter to the King (a Prophecy of the 20th Century)


In his letter to the King, Nostradamus has this to say of the last years of the twentieth century:


Candle“Then shall begin the great empire of Antichrist in the invasions of Xerxes and Attila (‘one who will revive the King of the Angoumois,’ and the Oriental invasion) who will come with a countless throng, so that the advent of the Holy Spirit, from the 48th parallel, will make a great change and chase away the abomination of Antichrist that made war on the sovereign Vicar of Christ (the Pope) and against his Church for a time and to the end of time.

This will be preceded by an eclipse of the Sun, of denser darkness than has ever been seen since the Creation and up to the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and from that time until the coming one.

There will take place in the month of October a great translation made so that the earth will seem to lose the weight of its natural motion in an abyss of endless darkness. There will be premonitory signs in the spring, and there will be extreme changes, overthrows of kingdoms, and earthquakes.”


“In the last period all the Christian kingdoms, and those of the infidels, will be shaken for twenty-five years. The wars and battles will be more injurious. Towns, cities, castles, and other buildings will be burned, laid waste, and destroyed, with great bloodshed of vestals, violation of wives and widows, and children at the breast dashed and broken against the walls of the towns. Satan, the prince infernal, will commit so many evils that nearly the whole world will be afflicted and desolated.


Religion - Cross and Angel Statue“After this has endured for a certain length of time, Saturn will almost renew his cycle (twenty-nine years), but God the Creator will bring an age of gold. He will heed the affliction of His people, and He will bind Satan and throw him into the abyss.

Then shall begin between God and man a universal peace, and Satan will be bound for a thousand years.

Then the cycle will return in grand power, Satan will be once more unbound against the Church.”