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Nostradamus Prophecies on England….


These are prophecies of Nostradamus concerning England (Aquitaine)..

Nostradamus regarded England as a power which would expand through the (future) centuries to become stronger and wealthier than hSecret Societiesis own nation. An old prophecy about the downfall of England from the Welsh prophet, Merlin, had also been handed down from early times. The famous French bard of the early fifteenth century, Eustache Deschamps, even used the Merlin prophecy in one of his satiric poems.

It should be noted that Nostradamus lived around the time of Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc), and so at the time it was written France & England were enemies….

No specific dates are indicated in these prophecies for England, some of which may be distant.

Nostradamus Prophecies



England will be a great empire,

The all-powerful land surrounded by water will endure for more than three hundred years.

Her commerce will traverse sea and land,

The Portuguese will not be satisfied with that.


(Note: Portugal was a maritime rival of Britain at the time Nostradamus wrote this, as was also Spain.)



Great Britain taken together with England

Will become indeed overwhelming on the seas.

The new Ausonian (Italy) league will be active in war

And the two powers will be aligned against each other.



Seven times you will see the British nation change its dynasty,

Bloodstained, in a period of two hundred and ninety years.

France, by no means because of German backing,

Will mistrust being harnessed to this Arietic ox-pole.



Tears, shrieks, wailings, groans and terrors because of

The inhuman heart of a cruel and icy Ruler.

Lake Leman, the British Isles and Italy will be major targets,

There will be bloodshed, famine, and no mercy shown.



Ignominy stinking and abominable

Will after the event be hailed as felicity.

There will be great excuse for (France) being unfavorable

When Neptune (England) would not be pushed to make peace.



Everyone will desire to head the great empire, One shall obtain the power over the others. But there is little time for his power or life, Two years his navy will sustain him.



Within the Isles there will be such a horrible tumult

That nothing will be heard but bellicose factions.

The insults of the brigands (Axis) will become so great

That they will go so far as to range themselves in a strong league.



Where there is expectation of creating famine

There will be surfeit.

The patrol of the seas, like a dog in the manger,

Will ration oil and wheat to the various nations.



When those of the Arctic Pole are united together,

In the Orient there will be a great terror and fear.

The newly elected pope shall sustain the great Church,

Rhodes and Byzantium will be stained with foreign blood.



At a time very close to an elongation of Venus

The two great leaders of Asia and Africa will be active.

The arrival of the forces from the Rhine and Danube will be reported.

There will be cries and tears at Malta and the Italian coast.



The law of More will be seen to decay.

It will be followed by another and much more seductive doctrine.

The premier of Moscow will eventually fall

Defeated by offerings and propaganda of a leader with greater drawing power.



Within the Isles the children will be transported,

Two out of every seven will be in despair.

Those of the soil will be supported by it,

But the name and the skin will be captured by the league, and hope flees.



A little later after England

Has laid the wolf (Germany) as low as earth,

War will be seen resisting revolution,

Rekindling in such violence

Of human bloodshed that little but the bodily envelope of skin will be left.

Bread will be scarce, but swords abundant.



The earthquake occurring at Mortara

Will half engulf the navy of Saint George berthed in near-by waters.

Peace will be asleep, war will awake.

In the Church at Easter the chasms will open.



The English leader will tarry too long at Nîmes

On the way to Spain to help Ænobarbus.

Many will die through open war that day

When the comet shall fail to strike Artois.



The fortress beside the Thames

Will fall, the government blockaded within.

Thereafter along the coast it will be stripped bare,

Their adversary will behold the corpse, then he will stand inside the barrier.



The great sepulchre of the people of Aquitaine (England)

Will be off the shores of Tuscany.

Then war will be near the German frontier

And bringing terror to the people of Mantua.



Great Neptune will lie at the bottom of the sea

In the mingled blood of Arabs and French.

The Isles will go down in blood because they took up their oars too late,

And more, because they concealed their plans so badly.



In the confines of the War the destiny of Britain will change,

Near to the shore where three fine young nations will be born.

Ruin to the people competent through their seniority,

The government of the country will change and never grow again.



Across Guienne an enormous number of English

Will come to settle under the name Anglaquitaine (English Aquitanis).

In Toulouse of Languedoc and le Bordelais

They will live and call their settlement Barboxitaine.