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As of this moment, all membership access and new registrations are blocked, and will remain blocked until further notice. The same applies to our Affiliates access and new affiliate registrations.

This is due to detection of spam registrations for both. Therefore, in order to protect the integrity and the safety of the website, we have been left with no alternative but to take such action (NOTE: If anyone is interested in being an affiliate in the meantime, please write to us via this website & provide all your details, including your website address & company details & we’ll get back to you).

We will try to re-launch both services ASAP once we have decided on a suitable strategy to combat the various methods spammers are now using. This may include manual affiliate approvals (and therefore long waits) for new affiliates or even outsourced via a 3rd-party affiliate program service. Unfortunately, due to recent advances in spammer techniques and their ability to now bypass most registrations and CAPTCHAS, (plus the increase in the amount of spammers recently – a trend reported by many webmasters in recent months) it looks like membership can probably only be spammer-proof if we charged for it or perhaps link the membership registration to something like Facebook accounts…. but I’ll be looking at our various options and software available over the next few weeks  (and I’ll probably write an article on my findings in one of our technical / webmaster related websites, as this is a huge problem which is also affecting many other websites, unfortunately), but right now I’m just so fed-up with these a$$-#oles and I’m tired of all the additional work they create and that takes up so much precious time of online business…. We spend many hours each week updating and checking our sites, time which could be spent writing.

Commenting on Articles etc

You can still comment on articles   – commenting currently does not require registration (however all comments are manually approved before being published, & all links are removed in order to combat spam and to remove the incentive of back-links for spammers…). Unfortunately the spammers & SEO backlink services placing spammy comments for their clients have become so much of a problem we have had to have a “commenting no link policy” in place for some time now.

Securing Our Website

On a brighter note, deleting the registrations and blocking all access means that the site stays safe, so hopefully that gives our readers some confidence in just how serious we take the security of our site.